Had a couple moments!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

What a few days I had last week. I was invited by an owner of a large lifestyle block in Tallabudgera Valley to come and help improve the presentation for sale. Without too much detail I have some words to describe what I came across: many acres, pine forests, steep slopes, creeks, ridges, and some flats.

What a challenge it was and what a great time I had. Not all was accessible and I went throught my complete fleet of machinery to get the job done. It was pretty stressful and was not feeling in the zone. Something interesting happened though as I was working my way through:

  • Over the top of a freshly cut field, half a dozen swallows were chasing their dinner in the stunning late afternoon sun

  • Sitting against a tall pine after brush cutting a slope I was just watching the shadow of the tree move across the ground

With both of the above experiences, I was taken completely away and whatever I was stressed about, or anxious about, just evaporated in an instant.

If you have space to be outside but yet it doesnt feel inviting, let me know. I would love to return your yard or site to an inviting space. A brief moment can help return your mojo so you can tackle whatever is in front of you.

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