Dollars & Weeds

Trying to mix you and your employees time between key income earning activities and ancillary tasks can be a fine balance.

I’ve talked to business owners and managers about their landscaping needs, and it seems a common theme is “we do it ourselves”. This got me thinking about why. The obvious benefit is cost, and, staff member may have capacity, so let’s use them instead. Whether that person is the business owner or the employee it got me thinking about the economics of it. It may be a small decision but worth a look.

With an average wage earner on $30 an hour plus on costs, and the opportunity cost of lost productivity (assuming wages are 60% of revenue), that 1 hour spent on landscape maintenance costs $122. Assume on average the yard needs 2.5 hours a month maintenance, that equates to approx. $3,660 a year. Hmmm.

Might be worth a conversation with a professional landscape maintenance provider, like, Broadfield Maintenance.

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