Winter is HERE! Still love your Grass!

Hi All,

Well winter has arrived in sunny Queensland. Despite the calendar, I didn't think it was going to make it. A bit of rain and some cold crips clear days and now it's official.

What to do during winter for your grass might be a "head-scratcher" as it seems pretty self contained during this season. There are a few things we can do to assist:

- We can't control any rain coming over but try and limit any watering as excess moisture can lead to compaction of the soil.

- We can work on aerating those compacted areas. Aerating the soil allows oxygen to get to the roots. Look for heavy wear areas in the yard and where you park the car.

- We can tackle the weeds. Give the grass a mow at a high level, leave for a few days and then treat with spray.

- If the grass is long, you can do a mow but make it at a high level. Want to keep some length in it to catch those sunrays and promote root health.

Rug up!

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